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Peanut Butter S’more Blondies

I made these. See? I was instantly drawn to this recipe because of the marshmallow-chocolate-peanut butter combination. Senior year of college was one of the more stressful times in my life, and I drew an incredible amount of comfort from … Continue reading

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Self-justifying brownies, and embracing tempeh

Losing an hour is so unfair. I needed that hour! This week I made lots of tempeh. I used to not really like tempeh because of its texture, but now I can hardly imagine life without it. My first use … Continue reading

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Picky campers and peanut butter everything

Every night we go through the suggestions in the suggestion box, which are a combination of things campers legitimately want, and things staff think will be funny to have everyone hear. The other night I got a legitimate one from … Continue reading

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So, as I mentioned earlier, tonight was pizza night. To cater to the kids’ tastes, we made 5 cheese pizzas: … and four pepperoni pizzas: We made some more exciting ones, too, like one with pineapple, and a vegetable one … Continue reading

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