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Lasagna and crisp

Lately I have been baking things in pans. Last night for dinner I made lasagna. We had a leftover meat lasagna that Annie and Anna made last session, which was good news for me because it meant I just had … Continue reading

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Pancakes … with a secret.

This morning David and I made pancakes. Don’t tell anyone, but … they were vegan. I’m not sure if those are the vegan ones … half of our pancakes were ones we made entirely, and half were made from leftover … Continue reading

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Cinnamon rolls!

The session is over! I am so tired. This morning, Maia and I cooked the last meal of the session, which was cinnamon rolls. They required a lot of effort last night, but this morning all we had to do … Continue reading

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Three kinds of cake, plus oatmeal

I love cinnamon. Cinnamon makes nearly everything taste really really delicious. This morning we made potato onion frittata from Joy the Baker’s recipe, so I had some oatmeal. Of course I included cinnamon, plus maple syrup and blackberries. I am … Continue reading

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