rough week!

Hello all. This week was a bummer. On Monday I went to see a nutritionist, who is super nice and helpful. Apparently, though, I need to be eating about three times as much protein as I currently do. She also advised me to take a look at my vitamins and see if they contain iron. They don’t. This prompted my dad to take me grocery shopping and buy me a) better vitamins and b) enough tempeh, seitan, tofu, whole-grain things, and frozen burgers to add up to 965 grams of protein.

I had been feeling a little bit sick for the past three weeks, but nothing major. However, no sooner had I left her office and was trying to schedule an appointment to get my blood tested for anemia and protein stuff (obviously I don’t fully comprehend nutrition. I have a follow-up appointment), I started feeling really awful, and clearly had a fever. I scheduled my tests for Wednesday, and found out Thursday that I’m not anemic (yay!) but my white blood cell count was more than double the normal number, meaning I have some kind of bacterial infection. So I’ve been taking antibiotics since Friday. I’m feeling a little bit better, but not cured or anything. I want to be able to go to the gym. Or just stop coughing.

But this is not a health blog or a complain blog, so let’s not ruin our appetites. I did cook a little bit this week.

Last Sunday for dinner I made spaghetti squash, which I absolutely love. Ages ago, before I owned Vegan With a Vengeance, or maybe even before I was vegan, I read this blog post and wanted to do spaghetti squash alfreda. Doesn’t her version look great?

Mine kind of failed. First of all, I dislike mustard, and I think I accidentally put too much in, so it was almost all I could taste. I also didn’t put pine nuts in, because I have a thing against pine nuts for being expensive and bad for you. I could tell that it would be good under different circumstances is what I will say.

The next time I made spaghetti squash, the other half of my squash, I ate it with some of the protein I got from my dad. Chorizo-flavored seitan is delicious, but spicy!

I was going to add some vegetables, but I was feeling sick and lazy, so I just went with Trader Joe’s tomato sauce. That counts. The end result wasn’t beautiful, but it was full of protein and flavor and I was glad to be eating it.

The last thing I really made was a bowl of lentils and vegetables that basically followed this recipe exactly. It’s amazing and full of protein.

Last night I went to get Ethiopian food with my parents. We’d never had Ethiopian before but we’d heard really great things, and they were true. Super flavorful, and all the vegetarian stuff was dairy-free.

Finally, my roommate Megan loves bananas. This one was too crazy not to photograph.

Hehehe. Next week I hope to have more stuff to share!

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