Miso-Glazed Tempeh

There is something – lots of somethings – about Bon Appétit that just makes me want to veganize all of their recipes. Their food styling is beautiful, and their style is gourmet yet approachable. It’s not food just for vegetarians or vegans, but food for people who eat everything, and the wider audience makes the recipes feel more endorsed.

This recipe came up when I did a Google search for “miso recipes.” I have miso and I like it, but I don’t use it to its full potential because I know of very few uses. I decided to give this a try, but with tempeh.

And it worked! Tempeh doesn’t soak up flavors the way flesh would have. But snap peas are delicious. Plus I have had a revelation about rice. I do not have time for brown rice.

That’s the whole revelation.

OK later.

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