Macaroni and cheese, by popular demand

I was planning on making Cheese Thing for dinner last night, but

a) Staff don’t really like it
b) Campers dislike tomatoes
c) Dishwashers hate it because it involves baking things in hard-to-clean pans
d) It’s complicated
e) Someone put macaroni and cheese in the suggestion box

So, I made macaroni and cheese instead. We didn’t have elbow macaroni because I was planning to make cheese thing, so I made it with ziti. I don’t think it really mattered to anyone, which was a relief.

Look how cute that is! We saved some plain noodles for the really picky campers who don’t like cheese. One of them asked if there was tomato sauce. There wasn’t, but I didn’t want to say no, so I whipped some up from the opened can of crushed tomatoes in the fridge.

… there were more than that. They all got eaten, though.

I was looking up recipes for macaroni and cheese online, and they are all basically the same. You make pasta, heat up some butter & flour, put some milk and cheese in there, and season it with 1. dry mustard 2. salt 3. pepper. It looked the way you would want cheese sauce to look.

It made the grossest sound when we mixed it into the pots of pasta, kind of like a washing machine … but full of cheese.

It was a big hit! I’m pretty proud of myself for this one. This morning we had french toast, which also seemed popular. I ate oatmeal, as usual, which is quickly becoming my favorite food.

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