Vegan travels

Remember that time that I said I’m taking pictures of food again? Well, this week I didn’t really spend that much time at home to cook.

Monday to Wednesday I was in New York for an interview. New York was amazing — I loved the subway, I loved the vast mixture of cultures, and I loved the availability of vegan noms. The first night I got delicious chinese food. The second night I went to Viva Herbal per Kathy’s countdown of vegan pizza in NYC. GOOD CHOICE. Then I went to Babycakes, whose cake wasn’t actually that amazing, though I did really enjoy the frosting. For lunch the next day I went to Blossom Du Jour, also after reading about it on Healthy Happy Life. I got a delicious tempeh-avocado wrap and ate it on the Subway on the way to the airport. And then just like that I was back in Michigan.

But not for long. I just had a ridiculous train and bus and car journey to and from Oberlin, Ohio. The journey was insane, but I was very excited to be able to see Cynthia and Abbey. Relatedly, I got to eat delicious vegan food from Cynthia’s vegetarian (mostly vegan, actually) co-op. Hanging out with other vegans was such a novel experience. I had never seen as much nutritional yeast in my entire life!

But now I’m back, at least for a couple more weeks. Next week I’ll be more normal at blogging.

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