As I was saying …

Hey friends! Remember last week how I was going to talk about the delicious food that I made, but then I was at camp and the internet was slow? Well now I’m back in Ann Arbor (for another day) and have the chance to finish where I left off. I should have taken pictures at camp, but I did not, so that will be the blog’s lost chapter, I suppose.

I made vegan meatloaf again. This one was more successful in terms of deliciousness, but less successful in terms of structural integrity. To be super American, I made mashed potatoes and green beans to go with it. And it turns out I like ketchup, a discovery I made thanks to vegan meatloaf.

I used the rest of the green beans in a less American manner.

I made some salt and pepper tofu from what I remembered of the recipe — frying tofu coated in salt, pepper, and corn starch in oil. This was really good, but the tofu bits were probably too small because they kept crumbling and falling out of the salt and pepper coating.

Finally, I made macaroni and cheese.

It was not very delicious — about as delicious as this picture is good — but I will continue perfecting the recipe.

Next week I’ll be in Ohio, blogging about the exciting things I’m cooking in Ohio with my omnivorous family. Should be thrilling, like the entire state of Ohio is.


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